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Alexander & Giovanelli Group:
Italy’s leading manufacturer of automatic rotative storages for textile industries

Automatic rotative storages are an innovative and efficient solution for the textile industry, combining simplicity and functionality in a single machine. These storage systems optimize the management of goods, allowing quick access to materials and minimizing waste of time and space. The operating principle of automatic rotative storages is based on a system of rotating bars connected with a chain, which allows materials to be brought directly to the operator with a simple command. This feature contributes to improved work ergonomics, reducing physical exertion and work injuries. The purchase of storage management machinery brings numerous benefits, including increased productivity and optimized space utilization. By reducing search and material handling time, operators can focus on value-added activities. In addition, the accuracy offered by these systems reduces errors in material identification and selection, improving inventory accuracy and reducing costs associated with handling errors. Another important aspect of automatic rotating storages is their versatility. They can be easily adapted to the different needs of the textile industry, allowing a wide range of products and materials with different physical and dimensional characteristics to be handled. Choosing the right machinery for one’s needs is a crucial aspect of ensuring maximum efficiency in storage management. Alexander & Giovanelli Group is able to support its customers in the design and construction of the automatic rotative storages best suited to their needs, offering customized solutions to meet each specific requirement. With our experience and professionalism, we can guarantee our customers the highest quality and efficiency in the management of textile storages.

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Vertical automatic rotative storages

Vertical automatic rotative storages are a state-of-the-art solution for optimizing storage management and improving the efficiency of the production process. Alexander & Giovanelli Group, a historic Italian manufacturer, stands as a leader in the sector, offering customized and high-quality solutions for the organization of logistics in the textile industry. Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s proposals aim to make the most of space in height, reducing floor space and allowing the storage of materials of all formats, weights and sizes. Strong structure, design and ease of use are the hallmarks of the automatic vertical rotating storages produced by the company, which do not require specialized personnel to operate them. Thanks to a mechanism composed of chain, gears and gearmotor, controlled through an electrical equipment complete with push-button panel, the operator can quickly search for the desired item. The loading and unloading system, which can be operated on both sides in total safety, is equipped with front and side bulkheads, photocells and quick disconnect devices. Alexander & Giovanelli Group is committed to offering solutions tailored to the customers’ needs, personalizing the structures of Vertical automatic rotative storages according to the space available and the type of material to be stored. Thanks to the company’s experience and attention to detail, the highest quality and safety are always guaranteed. By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group, you can count on a reliable and competent partner, able to support you in the choice and customization of machinery, guaranteeing cutting-edge solutions for your business.

Horizontal automatic rotative storages

The textile industry requires efficient and precise logistics management. Alexander & Giovanelli Group, with its consolidated experience in the production of machinery and equipment for weaving preparation, offers state-of-the-art solutions such as horizontal automatic rotative storages. These storages are designed to handle and organize any type of material, regardless of format, weight and size, guaranteeing quick searching and excellent space organization. The strong and durable structure is made of welded steel profiles and storage shelves that rotate by a mechanism of chain, gears and two drive units with geared motors. Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s horizontal automatic rotative storages offer flexibility in the management of loading and unloading, thanks to the possibility of having a double opening on two fronts, both complete with devices for lifting or unloading material. In addition, safety devices such as photocells and doors prevent the operator from approaching the moving structure, while side bulkheads and quick disconnect devices ensure safe use even by unskilled personnel. Management of stored material is facilitated by a touch screen PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), which allows for data monitoring and connection to the company network. This allows for greater efficiency in searching and handling materials. With the ability to customize facilities based on the space available and the type of material to be stored, Alexander & Giovanelli Group is the ideal manufacturer to turn to when purchasing horizontal automatic rotative storages if you are looking for a functional, state-of-the-art product. The solutions offered are designed to facilitate logistics in total safety, guaranteeing a service tailored to customers’ needs.

By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group, you can count on an experienced and reliable partner for the optimization of your textile logistics. Rely on our expertise to find the ideal solution tailored to your needs.