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Sectional warper: innovation and functionality

Sectional warping machinery are used in the textile industry for warp preparation, a key step in creating the fabric. These machines make it possible to create warp of high quality and precision, ensuring reliability, high productivity and greater uniformity of textile products.

The traditional sectional warping process is based on dividing the warp into sections, which are wound on the drum. Each section is wound independently, allowing greater precision and control over thread tension. Next, the sections are joined into a single warp that is transferred to the loom for weaving. Sectional warping machine are used to produce warps for a variety of fabric types, from apparel and furnishings to technical and composite fabrics. They represent the best solution when great versatility and production variability is required.

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Sectional warping machines: Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s proposals

Alexander & Giovanelli Group, a leading textile machineries manufacturer, provides its experience and expertise to offer state-of-the-art sectional warping machines. By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group, you are guaranteed a partnership based on professionalism, reliability and attention to your specific needs.Our company places great emphasis on quality and innovation, constantly investing in research and development to improve the performance of machinery and refine the proposed solutions. Our sectional warping machines are designed for maximum efficiency and durability, offering comprehensive service and technical support to accompany you at every stage of the production process.

Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s sectional warping machines are characterized by their ability to maintain constant thread tension during processing, allowing you to obtain high-quality fabrics while reducing material waste. Their versatility makes them suitable for a wide range of yarns and warp types.

Sectional Warping Mod. TECH

The warping machine Mod. TECH is a traditional sectional warping machine designed to create high quality and precise warps. The innovative design of the sectional carriage, anchored at the top of the machine, frees up the front, facilitating operator’s operations, and maximizes the performance of the compactor roller. The machine features a detached subbing unit, making it easier to pass and knot wires, and electronics designed to reduce wiring and simplify maintenance. State-of-the-art touch screen panels allow for full autonomous machine management, with the ability to save processing data. In addition, connection to the machine provides active support. This warper can be customized to the customer’s needs, with various options designed to facilitate processing according to the types of yarn.

Sectional Warping Mod. TECH-M

The traditional sectional warping machine Mod. TECH-M is a reinforced version of the Mod. TECH. The reinforced structure and the braking system consisting of four brake discs and four hydraulic brake calipers ensure maximum braking performance during warping, while the four pneumatic brake calipers manage braking during the subbing cycle. 

All of this combined with an aluminum reel enables the packing of both low-density beams with minimal tensions, and beams in great height and density where the required tensions are very high.