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Alexander & Giovanelli Group:
Alexander & Giovanelli Group: Italy’s leading manufacturer of creels for the textile industry

Creels are essential machinery in the warping and sometimes weaving process. Alexander & Giovanelli Group, a manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the textile industry based in Lombardy, specializes in the production of high-quality creels.

Thanks to years of experience and collaboration with a team of professionals, the company offers a wide range of creels designed to meet customers’ specific needs. In addition, Alexander & Giovanelli provides specialized technical support and machinery customization services to ensure that customers get the best solution for their textile production needs.

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Creels for warping, creels for weaving and tensioner: Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s proposals

Explore Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s selection of creels for warping, creels for weaving and tensioners.

Creels for warping

Discover Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s range of creels for warping

Creels for weaving

Discover the range of creels for weaving from Alexander & Giovanelli Group


Discover Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s range of tensioners