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Electric trolleys for handling beams and/or rolls in the textile industry:
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The textile industry requires efficient and accurate process management, where materials and products must be moved quickly and accurately. In this context, electric trolleys are an ideal solution for optimizing goods handling, guaranteeing high productivity and reducing work time. In the textile industry, material handling must be particularly gentle to avoid damage to fabrics and fibers. Electric trolleys, thanks to their advanced control systems, offer precise and safe guidance, avoiding accidental impacts and ensuring accurate transport of products. A key feature of electric trolleys for the textile industry is their ability to adapt to the specific needs of each production cycle. Due to their versatility, these trolleys can be configured with different types of equipment, such as forks, grapples and telehandlers, to meet the particular textile material handling needs.


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Electric trolleys for handling beams and/or rolls: Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s innovative solutions

Alexander & Giovanelli Group is the ideal manufacturer you need if you want to buy electric trolleys for textile materials handling. With our extensive experience in the sector, we offer state-of-the-art and customized solutions to meet the different needs of our customers. Our electric trolleys are distinguished by their unmistakable design and the high quality of materials used in their manufacture. The external structure in metal guarantees strength and durability, while the division into sectors facilitates routine maintenance operations. With the controls positioned on the steering or  remote control, operators can work in comfort and safety, facilitating maneuvering. In addition, Alexander & Giovanelli Group offers several battery options for its electric trolleys, including lead-acid and lithium batteries. Both types provide a five-hour working range and are easily accessible for maintenance and inspection. The presence of the dual-wheel drive and electric steer motors, along with the three-wheel design, makes it possible to work even on uneven pavements. Safety is a priority for Alexander & Giovanelli Group. Our electric trolleys are equipped with all safety devices required by regulations, including anti-crushing covers, audible, visual and quick disconnect devices. The display on the body indicates battery level and hours of operation, while electronic drives allow for quick and accurate analysis, ensuring immediate service. Choosing Alexander & Giovanelli Group means having a wide range of handling products at your disposal, as well as the ability to customize machinery to your specific needs. Our team of experts is ready to help you choose the right electric trolleys for your needs, ensuring a high level of advice and service.

By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group, you will benefit from the best solutions in the industry of electric trolleys for textile storages handling, combining efficiency, safety and technological innovation. Rely on us and discover the difference a quality partner can make in your business.