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Axial winders:
the perfect solution for yarn control and flawless weaving

Axial winders are advanced machines that are widely used in the textile industry to facilitate and automate the process of winding fabrics on to mandrels. This equipment is essential for improving productivity and guaranteeing precise tension control during winding, ensuring optimal quality of the finished product. The operation of axial winders is based on a synchronized axial motion system that allows material to be wound evenly around a mandrel, avoiding excessive buildup or subtraction of fabric in specific areas. Tension is controlled by an automatic detection and adjustment system, which ensures consistent and defect-free winding. One of the main advantages offered by axial fabric winders is that they can adapt to different types of fabrics and materials, thanks to their flexibility and ability to adjust tension according to the specific characteristics of the material in question. In this way, these devices can be used for a wide range of applications, including the winding of thin and delicate fabrics to stronger and more robust materials.

An important aspect to consider when evaluating the quality of axial winders is their compatibility with other machinery in the textile production chain. If they can be easily integrated into automated systems, allowing for reduced downtime and increased overall efficiency in the production process, they are a must-have choice. Also worth considering are advanced safety systems that protect both operators and the material itself from damage or accidents during winding. These systems include emergency stop devices, position sensors and mechanical guards to ensure safe and reliable operation.


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Axial winders: Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s proposals

In the sector of manufacturing axial winders, Alexander & Giovanelli Group stands out for its long experience and the quality of the proposals it offers. The company, based in northern Italy, is specializing in the manufacture of machinery and equipment for weaving preparation and logistics organization in the textile sector. The axial winders offered by Alexander & Giovanelli Group are ideal for winding technical fabrics such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, glass and other similar materials. The structure of the axial winders consists of idlers mounted on oscillating supports, to guarantee perfect alignment with the roll being wound, and two steel cylinders. The installed load cell ensures constant regulation of winding speed and tension. An additional distinguishing feature of Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s axial winders is the possibility of installing a pneumatic expandable shaft, used to unwind and rewind rolls and reels of any material, as well as pneumatic and mechanical safety rotating supports. The electrical equipment with touch screen panel and drive allows all the necessary data to be set for the system to adjust tension according to frame speed and diameter increase.

Alexander & Giovanelli Group offers customized solutions, allowing parameters to be stored and reproduced on other winders to achieve the same processing and connect winders to the company network. In addition, axial winders can be equipped with a heat-setting oven, consisting of IR lamps and synchronized with the frame, which ensures perfect “fixing” of the fabric by heat. The heat-setting oven and switchboard have an IP65 degree of protection, while the axial winders and heat-setting device are equipped with bulkheads and quick disengagement devices. The internal walls of the furnace are designed to prevent heat leakage and ensure maximum safety. By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group, customers will have the opportunity to receive advice on product selection and machinery customization, supported by a team of experts who will be able to propose the best solutions for different needs. 

Choosing Alexander & Giovanelli Group as a manufacturer of axial winders means choosing experience, innovation and quality at the service of companies in the textile sector.