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Unwinding winder:
the ideal product to be integrated into the textile production

With its constant evolution, the textile industry needs efficient tools and machinery to improve production management and optimize processing operations. The unwinding winder complements process machinery such as printing, cutting machines, etc., improving the quality of the finished product. The unwinding winder is a machine designed to precisely and carefully manage the movement of fabrics, ensuring proper tension and alignment during unwinding and winding. This feature helps minimize any warping or creasing that can compromise the quality of the finished product and increase production costs. In addition, the unwinding winder is equipped with control systems to constantly monitor the quality of the materials, it will be possible to take action promptly in case of anomalies. This aspect is essential to ensure compliance with current regulations and meet customer requirements.


Unwinding winder: Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s proposals

In the panorama of machinery and implant production for the textile industry, Alexander & Giovanelli Group stands out for the quality and reliability of its products. Among these, the unwinding winder plays a key role in optimizing weaving preparation and logistics management. The unwinding winder line offered by the company is designed to integrate seamlessly with other machines used in fabric processing. Equipped with a batching motion with a tension control device and elastic compensator, it ensures constant speed adjustment through the use of an inverter. In addition, the oscillating cylinder helps maintain constant tension throughout the unwinding process. The automatic centering device, positioned on slide rails, ensures the alignment of the unwinding fabric, while the batching motion can be customized with all the options available in the Alexander & Giovanelli Group brochure. In this way, each customer can choose the solutions best suited to his or her needs. Safety is a priority for Alexander & Giovanelli Group: the unwinding/winder line is equipped with rope safety switches for emergency stops, Stop indicators and quick disengagement devices. The unwinder safety system can be integrated with the machine’s emergency circuit, thus providing complete protection during operation. The rail, complete with limit switches, allows management of operational and mechanical limits, ensuring smooth and optimal operation. Although a standard system, the unwinding winder is adapted to the machine with which it will work, to provide an excellent result in both unwinding and winding.

By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group, you can count on the expertise and experience of a leading textile manufacturer. The company will accompany you in the selection of the most suitable products for your needs and in the customization of the machinery, always guaranteeing personalized service and high-level after-sales support.