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Winders for selvedges and ropes: efficiency and innovation in yarn management

Winders for selvedges and ropes are machines designed for winding and handling flexible materials such as ropes, cables, ropes, braids or sections of wire to make up selvedges. These devices find use in a variety of industries, including marine, construction, agriculture and packaging manufacturing. Due to their versatility and precision, winders for selvedges and ropes enable effective and safe processing of raw materials, improving the efficiency of production processes and reducing the risk of work-related injuries. The operation of winders for selvedges and ropes is based on a system of rotating reels or drums that wind the material in an orderly and compact manner. The machinery can be configured in different ways, depending on the size and characteristics of the material to be wound. The winding system can be manual, semi automatic or fully automatic, with different control and adjustment options depending on the specific needs of the application. A key feature of the winders for selvedges and ropes is the tensioning system, which regulates the tension of the material during winding, guaranteeing an even distribution of forces and preventing damage or deformation. The material guiding system, on the other hand, maintains an orderly and precise arrangement of the material on the drum and prevents unwanted tangles or overlaps.


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Winders for selvedges and ropes:  Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s proposals

 Alexander & Giovanelli Group, a manufacturer of machinery and equipment for the textile industry with customers worldwide, is a company specializing in the production of winders for selvedges and ropes:, offering state-of-the-art solutions that guarantee high standards of quality and precision. Our winder for selvedges is specially designed to make high quality selvedges, ensuring flawless winding and regularity of thread tension. Easy installation, self-braking motor and electric preselection tachometer ensure reliability and convenience. The machine is equipped with an automatic stop system in case of wire breakage, guaranteeing safety and minimizing stop times. With an adjustable thread-guiding comb and zetting driven by electromagnetic clutches, Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s selvedge winder eliminates dead spots in reversal and provides inverter-adjustable warping speed. The machine is supplied with creel and tensioners. It is also possible to add a meter counter device and a pressure cylinder complete with shock absorber to further increase the quality of winding. About the production of the winder for ropes, Alexander & Giovanelli Group offers machines that guarantee extremely precise spiral reel wrapping. Designed to offer maximum ergonomics, they are available in two versions: manual bobbin change and automated bobbin change. Ropes can be picked up from baskets or directly from metal reels on an in-machine support, passing through a drive roller that manages the tension and compaction of the coil being wound. The spiraling system, driven by a brushless motor, allows positions, advances, delays and pitches to be set via software for optimum results. The software autonomously recalculates values as the coiled diameter increases, ensuring precise and consistent process control.

When you turn to Alexander & Giovanelli Group for the selection and customization of your winders for selvedges and ropes, you can count on a team of experts ready to assist you in identifying the most suitable solutions for your needs and ensuring quality after-sales service. Our experience and expertise in the textile industry will enable you to obtain excellent machinery that will improve the productivity and efficiency of your production processes.