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Creels for warping:
cutting-edge solutions for a flawless process

Creels for warping allow warping threads to be arranged in an orderly and parallel manner. Warping machines are composed of several parts, including the thread tensioning system, the winding device, the control system, and the thread feeding unit. The tensioning system ensures that the wires are kept at a constant tension throughout the process, while the winding device winds the wires neatly on a spool or reel. The control system monitors and adjusts various parameters, such as winding speed, thread tension and warp density. The feeding unit supplies the threads to the system continuously and evenly.


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Creels for warping:
Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s innovative and customized solutions

In the textile industry, creels for warping play a key role in the production process. Alexander & Giovanelli Group, a historic company based in Legnano and specialized in the production of machinery and equipment for weaving preparation and logistics organization in the textile industry, offers a wide range of solutions dedicated to the different needs of the sector. The creels for warping proposed by Alexander & Giovanelli Group perfectly complement the range of warping machines offered, guaranteeing excellent warp quality. Made with tubular profile support structures, they are equipped with an electrical system to stop the warper in case of thread breakage or when the package is finished, and synchronized tensioners to maximize tension control. Numerical control of the creel allows the wire tension reference value to be set and shown on the display, ensuring consistent quality of the end product. The design of the Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s warping creels includes special attention to the positioning of the wire feedthrough wind vanes, tensioners and bushings, to facilitate wire crimping and minimize any production problems. In addition, wire feeders made of sintered material provide greater strength and durability, while the option of wire feeders made of anti-static sintered material eliminates problems caused by static electricity during production.

Alexander & Giovanelli Group is committed to custom creels for warping, tailoring them to the type of yarn, size and number of bobbins required by customers. 

Thanks to our experience in the industry, we are able to offer tailor-made solutions, assisting you in choosing the most suitable products for your needs and customizing the machinery. By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group, you can be sure that you are relying on a leading manufacturer in the sector of creels for warping, with a team of professionals always ready to support you in achieving your production goals.