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Batching motion:
Innovation and precision in
fabric management

Batching motion are specialized machines used in the textile industry for the accurate and uniform winding of large rolls of fabric after the weaving stage. These devices are designed to ensure the highest quality and uniformity in the winding process, preserving the integrity of the fabric and guaranteeing a flawless end result.The operating principle of batching motion is based on the application of a tangential force to the fabric during winding. In other words, the fabric is wound by rolling on a pair of rollers, keeping the contact point between the roller and the fabric itself constant. An important aspect of the batching motion is their ability to adapt to different types of fabrics and thicknesses, thanks to the ability to adjust the tension, which automatically adjusts the winding speed according to the specific characteristics of the material being processed. This versatility makes these machines essential for a wide range of applications in the textile industry, where the creation of large rolls that cannot be wound directly into the frame due to their size is required. In addition, batching motion are designed to ensure high efficiency and productivity in the winding process, integrating seamlessly with most textile looms available on the market.



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Batching motion: Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s proposals

In the textile industry, batching motion are a key component in ensuring a high-quality finished product. Alexander & Giovanelli Group, a historic company based in Legnano, in the hinterland of Milan, stands out for its production of batching motion for fabrics and its ability to provide customized solutions to customers in the sector of weaving preparation and logistics organization. The range of batching motion proposed by Alexander & Giovanelli Group is designed to adapt to most looms on the market, offering suitable solutions for every type of material being wound. Thanks to years of experience and studies, the company ensures excellent, defect-free quality after weaving. The batching motion models feature a structure composed of three cylinders: the first one for dragging, with the possibility of choosing the coating rubber, the second one for compacting the roll and the third one for fabric deflection with constant tension control. This solution ensures precise and uniform winding of the fabric.

The electrical equipment with touch screen panel allows setting the processing cycle, complete with drive to control the winding speed and tension. In addition, the winders can be connected to the company network for control and data storage, facilitating information management and analysis. To prevent frame mishaps and/or breakage, all batching motion are equipped with provision for frame alarm connection. In this way, operators can intervene promptly in case of problems with the winder. Alexander & Giovanelli Group also offers the possibility to customize batching motion with various optional extras in order to further improve product quality. The fabric wrapped with the company’s batching motion does not show winding marks such as creases or telescoping effects of the layers, ensuring a flawless end result.

By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group, you can count on an experienced and attentive manufacturer who is able to advise you in choosing the most suitable products and customizing the machinery. Rely on our experience for high-quality solutions in the industry of batching motion.