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Yarn tensioners:
device for controlling of the yarn tension

Yarn tensioners are sophisticated mechanical components used in the textile industry to ensure precise control of yarn tension during manufacturing processes. These devices are essential to ensure the uniformity and quality of the resulting textile products. The operation of yarn tensioners is based on the action of a series of interconnected mechanical elements, such as rollers, springs, pulleys and brakes, which act in a coordinated manner to apply a controlled force to the yarn being processed. This makes it possible to finely adjust the tension of the yarn, adapting it to the specific requirements of the production process and the characteristics of the material being used. Among the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a tensioner is the ability to adapt to a wide range of yarn types, both in terms of size and compositions. This is made possible by the ability to micrometrically adjust tension, which allows it to work accurately on different materials, from natural to synthetic fibers, ensuring optimal results. In addition, the accuracy in tension control provided by yarn tensioners helps prevent common problems such as yarn breaks, warping and irregularities in the finished product. This is critical to ensuring high quality standards and minimizing production waste.

Yarn tensioners: Alexander & Giovanelli Group’s proposals

In the textile industry, the choice of high-quality yarn tensioners is essential to ensure accurate processing and excellent results. Alexander & Giovanelli Group, an Italian manufacturer of machinery and equipment for weaving preparation and logistics organization in the textile industry with customers all over the world, stands out for its wide range of solutions, designed to adapt to the specific needs of each customer. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the industry and continuous search for innovative solutions, Alexander & Giovanelli Group offers a wide range of yarn tensioners, capable of guaranteeing the right tension for every type of yarn. Among the company’s offerings are:

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The Mod. DTR tensioner with manual adjustment

ideal for natural fibers and applications that do not require excessive working tension. Equipped with a spring-loaded oscillating device with hydraulic damper, it ensures accurate and reliable control of yarn tension;

The centrally adjusted Mod. STY tensioner

controlled by a numerical control system, is perfect for “non-flat” yarns. With its sintered bushings and yarn brake discs mounted on motorized self-cleaning devices, this model covers a wide range of tensions, from a few grams up to several tens of grams;

The centrally adjusted Mod. GT tensioner

suitable for “non-flat” fiberglass yarns, it features saucers and a pair of bars with a metal insert to reduce wear during yarn passage;

The tensioner Mod. HS

a spring-regulated dérouler with a parking brake, is specifically designed for “flat yarns”. Combined with a gravity tension compensator, this model makes it possible to recover yarn during sorting or detessing stages.

By turning to Alexander & Giovanelli Group for the production of yarn tensioners, you can count on an experienced and professional partner, able to support you in choosing the most suitable products for your needs and customizing the machinery. Thanks to the constant commitment to innovation and the quality of the products offered, choosing Alexander & Giovanelli Group means investing in reliable and durable solutions designed to improve your productivity and increase your competitiveness in the textile market.