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Turntable Warehouse | Alexander & Giovanelli

Innovation in the field of logistics is crucial to business success, and Alexander & Giovanelli is leading the way with its turntable warehouses.

These systems, designed to optimise space and efficiency, are the ideal solution for companies seeking to improve stock management. With accumulated experience, the Alexander & Giovanelli staff offers advice and support in the selection and implementation of these structures, guaranteeing a customised solution that is perfectly suited to the specific needs of each customer.

Turntable warehouse: what it is and how it works

The turntable warehouse represents a pioneering solution in the field of logistics, designed to maximise storage efficiency in limited space. This innovative system utilises verticality, allowing a wide variety of articles to be stored in a compact area. Through an automated mechanism, the warehouse shelves rotate to position the desired item at the operator’s level, eliminating the need to physically move to reach different storage locations.

This feature not only significantly improves the speed of accessing and picking products, but also reduces the risks associated with manual handling of goods, increasing workplace safety. Ideal for companies that need to optimise their storage space, the turntable warehouse is perfectly suited to different industries, offering a flexible and customisable solution to meet specific logistical needs.

With its ability to reduce picking time and improve the overall organisation of the warehouse, this automatic rotating warehouse is a smart investment for companies aiming for higher operational efficiency and more agile management of their stock.

Manage your business logistics with vertical rotating warehouses

The adoption of vertical rotating warehouses is a strategic choice for companies aiming to optimise their logistics. These innovative systems transform the way goods are stored and handled, allowing significant space savings. With turntables, access to products becomes quicker and more direct, significantly reducing handling times. The verticalisation of storage allows companies to make the most of every available square metre, transforming previously unused areas into productive space.

This translates into greater operational efficiency, with a positive impact on both work performance and running costs.

Why is it a good idea to install a high-bay warehouse in a company?

The installation of a turntable warehouse is a smart investment for modern companies. This solution not only improves space management, but also the efficiency and safety of warehouse operations.

The system reduces the risk of errors and product damage through more accurate stock control. In addition, the reduction of physical effort required by staff improves job security and increases employee satisfaction.

The ability to adapt quickly to changing market requirements makes the turntable warehouse an optimal choice for companies of all sizes, ensuring a return on investment in both the short and long term. Managing a warehouse with this structure is the key to being able to optimise available space and significantly improve company logistics.

Rely on us at Alexander & Giovanelli to install a turntable storage system in your company

Choosing Alexander & Giovanelli to install a high-bay warehouse means relying on a company with solid experience in the field of advanced storage systems. The company offers a complete service from initial consultation to final implementation, ensuring that every aspect of the warehouse is customised to the customer’s specific needs.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and efficiency, Alexander & Giovanelli uses state-of-the-art technology to ensure that each warehouse is not only functional and efficient, but also designed to integrate seamlessly into the day-to-day operations of the business. Relying on our staff to install a turntable warehouse is a decision that will bring tangible improvements in terms of space optimisation, logistical efficiency and reduced operating costs. Make the right choice and choose Alexander & Giovanelli now!

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Alexander & Giovanelli: history, values and mission statement

Alexander & Giovanelli, with its century-long history, is a pillar in the storage and logistics systems industry. Our evolution from a small company to a market leader is based on an uninterrupted dedication to innovation and excellence. The company’s values are rooted in quality, reliability and customer service, with a strong emphasis on customising solutions to meet everyone’s needs.

Alexander & Giovanelli’s mission is to provide storage systems that not only improve the operational efficiency of businesses, but do so in a sustainable manner, with a keen eye on the environment.

This combination of history, values and goals makes Alexander & Giovanelli an ideal partner for companies looking for high-quality, tailor-made logistics solutions.

This is why Alexander & Giovanelli has become a true synonym for reliability in this sector.